Sunday, December 8, 2013

Wishlist #13 Duty Free Special

So I'll be travelling through a few airports soon... what am I going to pick up in the airport shopping?

Nars Day Dream blush, £21.50
This special edition blush is amazing. Apparently it's a shade in the middle of my two favourites from Nars - Deep Throat and Orgasm. It is sooooo pretty. And it's limited edition. So, you know, I need it.

Benefit Hervana, £23.50
My favourite blush ever. I am scraping the last few pieces out of the corner of the pan so it really does need replacing!

Stella perfume, Stella McCartney
Now I'm normally a Chanel perfume girl... but this Stella perfume is fantastic. It's fresh and light, not at all overpowering, and I will definitely be picking up a bottle.

Chanel Les Beiges
The greatest powder ever. In the history of makeup. I love this stuff. You can wear it on it's own and it just looks pretty. You can wear over foundation.  You can just stroke it. Another product that needs replacing because I'm used every last morsel. And i get bored with things once I've used them once, so I normally try something different! I have a feeling I'll be using this one for a while.

If only it made me look like Gisele Bundchen in the advert!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Planning my holiday...

So I'm going away for a few weeks and I haven't really done any planning yet. I blame work and other stuff going on, like moving house (which has also left me very poor!)

But I'm going to do a few posts on my plans for when I'm abroad... the posts I write when I'm there will show whether my plans actually come into fruition or not!

First stop... Singapore...

We are in Singapore for a couple of days but given that I'll be jetlagged (I don't fly well - any tips anyone?) then we will take it easy.

Singapore Botanic Garden 
Apparently ranked number one place to visit in Singapore. It has the world's largest orchid display and is apparently a fantastic place to while away the hours. 

Raffles Hotel
Home of the Singapore Sling, their cocktail menu looks delicious!

Chinatown Food Street
Anything called 'food street' sounds pretty awesome right?

Funan Digitalife Mall
A mall that is dedicated to everything electronic? Ummm lead the way please! Hello camera shops!

I cannot wait to get exploring!

Next post: Melbourne...

Friday, November 29, 2013

Wishlish #12

I am going to have to start saving the pennies, because one day this will be mine.

It is a thing of beauty.

Mulberry, I love you.

Monday, November 18, 2013

November update...

So the daily blogging thing is hard. In fact it's near on impossible for someone who commutes and works all the time!

Anyway, here's what i've been up to!

Bought some nail varnish...

Went to Ikea... several times...

Got a onesie. Why have I never done this before?

Worked. A lot...

Went to PRCA awards - we won two!

Bought stationary... can't help it, I'm obsessed.

Audrey made the move to the new house.

Toasted the new house!

Went to Scotland...

Another pic from the PRCA awards... isn't George Lamb scrummy?

Built a table by myself!

A busy month!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

What I want wishlist #11

When the Christmas stuff hits the shops I'm in real danger. I am a total magpie - those sparkles really do catch my eye!

And just because I'm not going to any Christmas parties doesn't mean I can't admire the many sparkly things on offer...

Sequin gold bodycon dress, Oasis, £68
This dress is totally ridiculous but it's so pretty!

Glitter court shoe, Ted Baker, £100
Pink dress, Warehouse, £68
Bag, Whistles, £75

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Cheltenham Literature Festival

I love living in Cheltenham. We have horse racing, we have the bubble clock in the arcade and we have now a museum called the Wilson that seems to be annoying people.

But for me, the highlight is our Festival calendar. I am a member of Cheltenham Festivals and each year there is a Music, Jazz and Science Festival, all of which are fab. The best by far is the Literature Festival, which is currently running in town.

Being set in October is always a challenge weather-wise! Most of the activity is in tents/marquees but we always battle through the rain and it's worth it. They do great events for children and there's sessions for absolutely anyone.

Highlights this year included Helen Fielding (who signed my book 'Come the fuck on Bridget') and Afternoon Tease, a burlesque show! Brilliant night out.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

New camera...

I am a camera nut. I may not have the most expensive kit, but I love my camera and always have.

Recently I treated myself to a new baby. My SLR (the Canon 60D) is fairly heavy and not always the easiest camera to lug around. I wanted something lighter, and inspired by The Londoner's photos, I started looking at the Panasonic GF range.

She uses the GF5, but once I realised there was a newer model out I knew I'd go for that one! Such a sucker!!

I am absolutely delighted with the Panasonic Lumix GF6. It is a beauty of a camera, and I am really impressed with the quality of the photos. It is really easy to use and weighs almost nothing!!