Saturday, March 15, 2014

Wishlist #18: Bring on the sunshine

I have said before - I love the sunshine. My alarm goes off at 6am every day, and as soon as daylight starts peeking through the curtains as the days get longer, then that 6am alarm doesn't feel quite as bad!

So with sunshine in mind, I am looking forward to summer and the lovely spring/summer ranges that are appearing in shops. Here are my latest wants:

Look! It's got Eiffel Towers on it! Pretty dress from H&M, £29.99.

Love the pretty pattern on this, £24.99 from H&M

Also, a lovely pattern (are you seeing a trend?) £40 from Oasis

These are pretty :) £25 from Accessorize

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Wishlist #17 - skincare

I feel the need for change... I am bored of my current skincare products. It's hard to find reviews for a 30-something, because all those beauty blogs out there (which I love reading) are written by 20 year olds who have lovely fresh skin! So here's what i'll be trying and i'll review them soon...

I'm starting to run everything down so I can treat myself to something new...

I've used serum under moisturiser for years, but found out my favourite one contained parabens, which i'm trying to avoid. This one is first on the test list. Origins, £34 for 30ml. 

Who doesn't want to keep young and beautiful. I love everything from REN so this will come my way at some point. REN, £46 for 30ml. 

The Balance Me products smell AMAZING. And this eye cream is really lovely - I have used this before and will be picking it up again soon. £20 for 15ml.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Catch up...

So it's been a while!

Not much has been occurring, here's a few pics to keep you going....

They do GOOD burgers at The Tavern in Cheltenham

More Cheese, Gromit?

Went to Yorkshire for a lovely lovely baby shower... there was so much cake...

I won the pancake day fight....

Sunsets like this are when my loft conversion WINS.

It loses when it rains mind you.

And finally, Jack has joined the family. I think i'm actually obsessed.