Sunday, April 5, 2015

A baaa-rilliant day out

Two years ago, myself and Ali headed to Bristol. Not for the shopping, not for the food (although we did partake of those) but rather to hunt for some Gromits.

This summer, another wonderful Aardman character is making an appearance in the South West. This time it's the turn of Shaun the sheep - and first, a flock of 50 individually designed Shaun the Sheep statues are hiding in London, before another 70 head to Bristol in July. 

We headed to London on Saturday to start our hunt. They have developed a great app with the map of  where the statues are hiding, and it's great to use with kids to see the sites of London as they are spread from Paddington to Canary Wharf. We don't have kids, but still had far too much fun!

We seriously underestimated the weather - it was freezing, and we did not dress warmly enough! It's also a really long walk - but I saw bits of London I've never seen before (including a very quiet shopping centre that I must get back to!). It's also very weird walking around the City, as the financial parts of London virtually shut down on the weekends. Shops were closed, no coffee shops (we managed to find an open one but it was rammed - and disgusting) and so you can admire the architecture of the City in peace! Very surreal.

It was a fab day, we reckon we walked about 10 miles - in total we found 36 out of the 50 London Shauns. We'll be heading back to finish the 50!

And here's the pics...

Our first Shaun of the day, in Carnaby St

Ewe-nion Jack!

The Rugby World Cup Shaun!

Most of them have little things that make you laugh - like Nelson's pigeon!

The Cath Kidston ones are always good!

This one is designed by David Gandy....

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